Over 40 Machines

Specializing in parts up to 53” in diameter, we have the machines needed to fulfill our customer’s needs. We provide lathe and mill work whether it is simple drill holes or complex 3D models that require surfacing. We work with various grades of steel, stainless, inconel, aluminum, bronze, brass, chromoly and plastic.

If your parts require coating, we have the facilities on site to provide you with the finished product you need.

In our 100,000 square foot facility, we have a wide assortment of CNC and Manual machines designed for long-term accuracy and superior surface finishes, bore sizes and lengths.





ModelCapacity (Diameter, Length)Quantity
Mazak Integrex e-650 HS36" x 157"1
Mazak Integrex e-650 SHII36" x 157"1
Mazak Integrex e-410H26" x 60"1
Doosan VTS-1214 Vertical Lathe53” x 32”1
Doosan VT1100M Vertical Lathe43.3" x 39.4"1
Yama Seiki GV-1000M Vertical Lathe39” x 30"1
Mazak Slant 6036″ x 80″2
Doosan V550 VTL28.7 x 30″2
Haas ST-40BB Long Bed25.5" x 80"1
Haas ST-40 w/Tailstock25.5″ x 44″2
Haas SL-40 w/Tailstock28.5″ x 44″2
Haas SL-4028.5″ x 44″2
Haas SL-40 Big Bore28.5″ x 44″1
Haas SL-30 w/Tailstock15″ x 24″3
Haas SL-30T Big Bore15″ x 24″1
Haas SL-30 BB w/ Barfeeder15″ x 24″1
Haas SL-201


ModelCapacity (X,Y,Z)Quantity
EC-1600 YZT Horizontal Mill64″ x 50″ x 40″1
EC-1600 Horizontal Mill64″ x 50″ x 32″2
Haas EC-400 Horizontal Mill20″ x 20″ x 20″3
Haas EC-300 Horizontal Mill20″ x 18″ x 14″1
Haas VF-3 YZT Vertical Mill40″ x 26″ x 25″2
Haas VF-2 Vertical Mill30″ x 16″ x 20″1
Haas VF-5 Vertical Mill60″ x 26″ x 25″1
Haas VF-6 Vertical Mill64″x 32″ x 30″1
Haas VF-7 Vertical Mill84″ x 32″ x 30″1
Haas VF-8 Vertical Mill64″ x 40″ x 30″2
Haas VF-11 Vertical Mill120" x 40" x 30"2
Doosan Mynx 6500/5050″ x 26″ x 24″1
Doosan Mynx 7500/5060″ x 30″ x 24″1
Mitsubishi MH60E Horizontal Mill39″ x 31″ x 31.5″1
Mitsubishi MH80E49″ x 39″ x 33″1
Toyoda FH100B Horizontal Mill63” x 47” x 43”1


Chevalier FSG-40120DC39″ x 118″1
Chevalier FSG-60125DC60” x 120”1


Mitts and Merrill1
Davis Keyseater2

Gear Shaper

Fellows 10-42

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